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Our team will begin planning your tree removal project at the quote.

We want to be sure that every measure is taken to protect and care for your property and surrounding landscaping, and that starts with an intentional conversation at your quote with one of South Charlotte Tree’s owners.

Fully removing a tree can happen in a few different ways. Whether we are felling a tree whole, using a crane, or climbing and lowering the tree down branch by branch, our team has all of the experience, tools, and equipment needed to safely and efficiently take care of your tree removal.

There is no one size fits all solution for tree removal. We aim to tailor our services to best suit your goals and your property. Pricing for removals varies widely, but the key factors that impact the price are time, risk, and volume of debris we need to clean up and haul away. We are transparent about pricing, so feel free to ask any questions at the quote.

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